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Posebno obvestilo vodstva švicarske kovnice Argor Heraeus

Cenjene stranke obvešöamo, da v švicarski kovnici Argor Heraeus do preklica zlate palice niso dobavljive. Dobavni roki tudi že naročenih zlatih palic so daljši.

Objavljamo tudi uradno pojasnilo kovnice.

Stop of all production activities for private companies in order to combat the spread of covid-19; authorization for essential and key activities approved

As already communicated during the past two weeks we monitor constantly the evolution of the spread of covid19 and are adapting our measures accordingly as per the overall situation, both nationally as well as internationally.

The Canton Ticino authorities, after issuing the first decree on the 20th of March 2020, have once again, on the press conference of the 3rd of April confirmed an extension of the shutdown for all production activities on Cantonal territory.
However, with the issuing of the decree of the 2nd of April 2020, minimum activity has been allowed, for key and essential activities in order to remain operational in the relevant market sector. This concession can be issued exclusively and uniquely if all hygiene and safety measures can be upheld for involved personnel; with regards to this, an agreement has been reached between the social and association counterparts.

ARGOR-HERAEUS, after two weeks of total closure and cessation of its activities has decided to proceed with this option and has therefore requested to partially recommence its production activities. We are pleased to announce that with the authorization of the 4th of April 2020, starting from April 6th, certain company sections will operate under reduced work regime.

“It is our intention to support the decision of the Authorities, guarantee the safety and health of our employees, and at the same time serve our partners as well as possible given the overall extraordinary situation. The plan which is being implemented foresees approximately one third of the total work force, spread on three shifts.
We are confident that we can count on the support of our clients and partners, who and with mutual long-term trust that has been established, will understand and in turn support our choices.
I will never stop repeating and drawing attention to the fact that the priority for ARGOR-HERAEUS is, and will remain: the safety of our employees, communities and that of our partners. I guarantee that this choice is in line with our fundamental principles. Please do not hesitate to contact our team in case of any questions or queries which you might have with regards to this communication.”

Christoph Wild, CEO