6,46 g, Gold coin / 20 Sfrs Vreneli

Swiss Vreneli gold coins are popular with European gold investors, along with some of the other European gold coins. These coins are no longer produced, and therefore all coins are in circulated condition. Though primarily minted in Bern, some were also minted in Paris and Strasbourg.

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430,09 €

Origin Switzerland
Purity 900 / 1000
Dimensions (diameter) 21mm
Face value    20 Srfs
Gold content 5,81 g
Mass 6,46 g

Each Vreneli gold coin Depicts an image of a woman "Swiss Miss" on the front, with the Swiss Alps in the background. As a result, sometimes the the Vreneli coins are colloquially called "Swiss Miss" coins. The reverse of the coins feature the Swiss Cross with an oak wreath surrounding it.

Purity 900/1000
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Tax Based on Art. 118 and Art. 119 of Value Added Tax Act (ZDDV-1) bullion gold is exempted from VAT in Slovenia.

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