31,12 g, Lucky Angel Silver Proof Coin 2024

Purity: 999 / 1000

Strike year: 2024

Preservation grade: PP

Origin: United Kingdom / St. Helena

Mass: 31,12 g

Silver content: 31,1035 g

Face value: GBP

Mintage: 1000

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156,00 €

A saving grace, a symbol of luck, a mis-placed charm; the ‘lucky’ Angel coin is now reimagined for the 21st Century with the new 2024 Angel.

19th Century navy captains wouldn’t leave port without an Angel in their purses and even Napoleon himself was not beyond its charms. He is believed to have carried one everywhere only to fatefully lose it the day before his final defeat at Waterloo. The legend continued into the 20th Century, with combat pilots in Vietnam and Iraq flying with a ‘lucky’ Angel in their cockpits.

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Preservation PP: Proof coin struck using a special, high-quality minting process, and made especially for collectors. Modern proof coins often have mirror-like fields and frosted devices.
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