16 g (Cu/Ni), Colourful Creatures - The Frog

One side of the coin features the silhouette of all 12 animals in the series; the other shows a colour-applied image of a green tree frog that glows in the dark.

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Mint Austrian Mint, Austria
Strike year 2018
Dimensions (diameter) 34 mm
Face value 3 EUR
Mass    16 g
Mintage 50 000

The metamorphosis from the tadpole to the frog is one of nature’s most fascinating and familiar transformations. Typically lasting only 24 hours, and initiated by the production of the hormone thyroxine, this transformation is one that most of us have witnessed and one of the reasons that we are particularly fond of frogs. Showing the agile amphibian in its full glory, the vivid green ninth coin in the Austrian Mint’s glow-in-the-dark “Colourful Creatures” series is a must for all frog lovers.

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Mint Austrian Mint