16,23 g, Wildlife in our sights - The Mallard, 2018

Guaranteed to excite all nature lovers, Wildlife in our Sights is a sumptuous six-coin series of gold coins celebrating the diversity of Europe's native wildlife and its natural habitats. One of the continent’s largest and most iconic land mammals, the red deer features in all its splendour on the handsome first coin in the series.

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1 130,00 €

Mint Austrian Mint, Austria
Strike year 2018
Purity 986 / 1000
Dimensions (diameter) 30 mm
Face value 100 EUR
Gold content 16 g
Mass    16,23 g
Mintage 30 000

Of the six animals featured in the Wildlife in our Sights series, the mallard is the only one that most of us are likely to see on a daily basis. As it is able to thrive in urban areas, the duck is a common sight in parks lakes, rivers and canals throughout Western Europe. But as the final coin in the series shows with brilliant clarity, the mallard’s ubiquity does not make it any less striking.

Considered a species of least concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the mallard is a very adaptable species of dabbling duck. With a glossy bottle-green head and a white collar, the breeding male mallard (drake) is unmistakable. The female is predominantly mottled but both birds have distinct iridescent purple-blue feathers edged with white on the back of the wing.

Celebrating the diversity of Europe’s native wildlife and the sustainable management of the natural habitats in which it continues to thrive, Wildlife in our Sights is now drawing to a close.




2013 The Red Deer

2014 The Wild Boar

2015 The Capercaillie

2016 The Fox

2017 The Alpine Ibex

2018 The Mallard


All six of the 100 euro Proof quality coins in the series feature a masterful depiction of one of the continent’s most recognisable wild animals in its natural habitat, while the lower part of each coin is exquisitely decorated with an ornate design that gives the series its distinctive character. A swimming mallard drake features on the obverse of this last coin, a mallard family features on its reverse.


Purity 986/1000
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Tax Based on Art. 118 and Art. 119 of Value Added Tax Act (ZDDV-1) bullion gold is exempted from VAT in Slovenia.
Preservation PP: Proof coin struck using a special, high-quality minting process, and made especially for collectors. Modern proof coins often have mirror-like fields and frosted devices.
Mint Austrian Mint