31,07 g, The 825th Anniversary of the Vienna Mint - Leopold V., 2019

To celebrate out anniversary, the Mint would like to share with you the silver treasure used to found the Austrian Mint 825 years
ago. By focusing on three particular aspects, they will explore the time when the Mint was founded and depict them on three coins, each of which is made from an ounce of pure silver.

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Mint Münze Österreich, Austria
Strike year 2019
Purity 999 / 1000
Dimensions (diameter, thickness) 37 mm
Face Value EUR 1,5
Silver Content 31,1035 g (1 oz)
Mass    31,07 g
Mintage 100 000

It will then be exactly 825 years since the release of Kind Richard “The Lionheart” ofEngland, who had been held captive since 1192 by Duke Leopold V of Austria in the castle of Dürnstein, near Vienna. A huge ransom in silver was paid for King Richard’s
release, which Duke Leopold used, among other things, to mint coins. In doing so, he laid the foundations of the original Austrian Mint. Some superb coins, which will make your collection even more special, will be issued in the anniversary year.

Purity 999/1000
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Preservation BU: Brilliant Uncirculated. The coin has never been circulated, and retains all of its original mint luster. There are no visible signs of of wear or handling.
Mint Austrian Mint